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Utveckling av individer och grupper = Development of individuals and groups

Welcome to Processkonsulter

 Business strategy

To offer education in order to increase the customers' competance in co-operating
leading to greater effectiveness and profit in the customers' organisation.

In English we offer:

- Teambuilding
- Workshop in communication skills
- Workshop with Strength Deployment Inventory
® (SDI®) See http://www.personalstrengths.co.uk/

Understanding Group and Leader
"Understanding Group and Leader", UGL, is Sweden´s most attended leadership program – now offered in English by Gällöfsta. See  this site

Telephone +46 70 530 35 40



Box 202, 871 24  HÄRNÖSAND
Telefon 070-530 35 40, Faxbox 070-615 13 38
www.processkonsulter.se  info@processkonsulter.se